About CT

I love glass - plain and simple.  Mosaic art allows me to play with my favorite things.  Couple that with my fascination with color and light and that’s when the magic happens!

After years of work in clay and stained glass, my attention turned to the ancient decorative construction method of mosaic . . . my world exploded.   Mosaic art is enjoying a wonderful surge in innovation and technology and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

While I do enjoy the solitude of my craft, I also find joy working with my clients, listening to their stories, taking from them their beloved personal goodies and then returning something completely new that is intimate and uniquely personal to them.  My heirloom work is more than just a purchase of fine art – it is a story piece.

Currently, an Artist-In-Residence at Bailey Contemporary Arts in Pompano Beach, Florida.


SunCatcher detailcopy



Currently apprenticing with Sonata Kazimieraitiene, www.sonataka.com on a public art mosaic project in Pompano Beach: “Trail of Honey Bees” & “Music Leads the Way”

2017 - Nancy Maloney -  www.metamorphosismosaics.com - Metamorphosis  Mosaics, Acton, ME

2017 - Deb Aldo - www.pietreduredesign.com - Pietre Dure Designs, pebble mosaic workshop

2016 - Laurel True – www.truemosaics.com - True Mosaics Studio - Large scale mural construction & team coordination

Rachel Sager - www.rachelsagermosaics.com   The Ruins Project, Rachel Sager Mosaics,  PA

Laurel Skye -  www.laurelskye.com/laurelskye.com  Laurel Skye Designs –Arcata, California

Kelly Knickerbocker - www.rivenworksmosaics.com  RivenWorks Mosaics – Seattle, Washington

Sonia King - www.mosaicworks.com  - Mosaic Works, Dallas, Texas

Bill & Irene Powell (retired) - Powell Family Studio, Miami, Florida


2017 – SuperFine! 2017 – Art Basel, Miami Beach, participant

2017 – RUBY – Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, accepted

2017 – Best in Show – Coral Springs Museum of Art,  Art: a Changing Exhibition – “Slipper Orchid” – a collaborative piece with Wilster’s Fine Art Impressions of digitally printed image on aluminum with glass mosaic applied.